The Zeitler Super Vee

Many Thanks to the Family and Friends of John Zeitler for providing these photos.


1970-John driving in American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) at Road Atlanta.





John Zeitler on left talking to Ted Roman's mechanic and crew chief Pat Peduto


John Zeitler in his #21 at Lime Rock in 1972


Another car of John's. This one was used in several magazine articles and advertisments. It was the 2nd Super Vee built and would soon become Tom Davey's #3 car.



Ted Roman car #41



John Zeitler's #21 in the back and Ted Roman's in front. Notice the CB antenna mounted to the side of the body. It was used to communicate with the crew.




Ted's car had the oil dry sump tank added to the side of the body in 1972. The later cars also had 2 supports for the rollbar. Early cars had 1.


Treaded tires were still required in Super Vee until the late 1970's when slicks were finally allowed.



Tom Davey car #3

Youtube Video of Tom Davey's 1970 Super Vee win. Click Here

Tom Davey and the #3 Zeitler



Tom Davey's #3 in 1971 before the dry sump tank was allowed.

Front and rear suspension photo's of Tom Davey's #3 Zeitler



The 1970 American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) in Atlanta.

Tom won the Championship in 1970.

A very happy Tom Davey on the podium after his win at Road Atlanta in 1970, taking the Super Vee Championship.



Elliott Forbes-Robinson car #12


Elliott Forbes-Robinson at Laguna Seca in 1970



Elliot Forbes-Robinson. VW Gold Cup in 1970



Tom Reddy car #8

Tom Reddy - 1970



John Magee car #77





After John Zeitler Stopped Racing.



In the mid 1970's, John stopped building Zeitler Super Vee's and began importing Modus and Argo Super Vee's. He continued building Zeitler engines for these cars.


John in the middle. This is the Peter Moodie car and is a Zeitler powered Argo JM4


A Zeitler-powered  Lola T620 . This is Driver Kees Nierop in 1980 Watkins Glen.


Thanks to Jim Coll who was a mechanic for John Zeitler in the 1980's for the following photos of the 86 and 87 Team cars.

The Zeitler-powered Argo JM4 at Pocono in 1980. Notice the Zeitler fuel wagon in back.


The Lola T620 at the same race. John Zeitler provided Team support.


Bill Cruse Jr. car 87, Randy Gilmore car 86, and John Zeitler is in the background leaning against the pit wall in a plaid shirt, Bill Cruse Sr. is to John's left. 


Watkins Glen in July 1980, Behind the car from left to right is, Harley Kaplan, John Zeitler, Martha Flowers, later to be John's wife, Peter Moodie, and Peter's father.

The driver with his back to the camera is Bob Lazier.


Kees Neirop at the Glen in July 1980.




By 1976 John was building engines and supporting other teams. He was no longer building Super Vee's or Formula Vee's. This is a rare Zeitler air-cooled engine.


A Zeitler water-cooled engine in a late model Super Vee.


A Zeitler engine in Bill Alsup's winning Super Vee.


The original Super Vee rules allowed either a 1600cc type 3 (squareback or fastback) or type 4 (Porsche) engine. This is a one of John's first type 3 Super Vee engines.



This is an article about the change from aircooled Supervee's to water-cooled and how This is an article about the change from aircooled Supervee's to water-cooled and how Zeitler ,ade the change.