Current Owners of the Zeitler Super Vee's

We believe 6 Super Vee's built and 4 have been found. Only the Magee car has a documented history. With no logbooks or rollbar stamps to go by, it is unclear who raced them. Here is a best guess from the current owners. John built 2 cars in 1970, his and his team mate Tom Davey. He built 4 cars in 1971 with 2 cars going to the west coast for Richie Ginther. One car was for Elliot Forbes-Robinson.



This car has the dry-sump oil system that was installed on the factory cars in 1972. The only cars to get the dry-sump was Ted Roman's #43 car and John Zeitlers #21.

Bill Burgess drove this Zeitler Super Vee in autocross and hill climbs. Bill had a long history of racing.


Burgess sold it to John Eberhardt who modified it with a water-cooled engine and ran it in B-Modified autocross.


Bill Barkley later bought the car and returned it back to it's original air-cooled engine.

Bill Barkley sold the Zeitler to Steve Kwasnik in New York in 2014 . He will restore it to original. Note the Dry Sump tank on side of chassis.










It is believed this car is Tom Davey's #3 1970 ARRC Championship car

This Zeitler was owned by Ron Plescia in Oregon for many years. It is now owned by Kurt Kohler in California. Photo is from the 1980's.


Kurt Kohler is the proud owner of 2 Zeitler Super Vee's. One is Tom Davey's 1970 Champion car. Photo with his son and a C130 aircraft.



More photos of Kurt Kohlers Zeitler as purchased from Ron Plescia in 2014.

This car was driven by Tom Davey and Tom won the National Super Vee Championship in this car.


This is the helmet that Tom Davey wore when he won the 1970 Super Vee Championship. Tom passed this on to the current owner of his car, Kurt Kohler. What an honor and a piece of racing history.




Kurt recently found John Zeitlers original helmet too!







This Zeitler is also owned by Kurt Kohler and it is believed to be Elliott Forbes-Robinson car or John Zeitlers #21.

Tom Voight raced the car in the 1980's as a member of the San Diego Region of the SCCA.


The two photos are from the logbook.


This car has a duplicate logbook and a rollbar stamp from the Southern California Region of SCCA. Elliott Forbes-Robinson raced and lived in that region.

The original Zeitler body and frame.


In this photo it is sporting a Lola body.




John Magee Car #77


John McGee's car is now in the Zeitler Super Vee Collection of Kurt Kohler. He now owns 3 out of the original 5 or 6 that were built.



More info on the Magee Zeitler from the previous owner. Car is in extremely original condition with same patina  and almost same mechancal condition as it left the track (Laguna Seca) in 1971.  It has a 1600 cc type 3 motor (VW station wagon) with Stromberg carburators.  Motor is locked up (cause for DNF at Laguna) but car is very complete.  Only things I can see missing are the jets and linkage to the carburators.  Car competed in the 1971 US Formula Super Vee Robert Bosch/Valvoline Championship finishing 6th overall with $3,460 in prize money.  Car's highest finish was second at Road Atlanta and was driven by John Magee who was a Formula Vee champion in 1970.  In 1971 John competed with the Zeitler


Here are a few photos of the car when it was delivered to Kurt. He plans a full restoration.