Current and Past Zeitler Formula Vee Owners and Cars

If you are a previous or current owner of a Zeitler please let me add your car to the website.

This is John Zeitler's personal Formula Vee in 1968. John sold it when he began racing Super Vee's in 1970.

Also in photo is John's wife Ginny and Dale Detrick.



Zeitler #12 at Virginia International Raceway in 1969. The Zeitler had a very unique exhaust.


Another view of the #12 car at Virginia International Raceway.


John Zeitler at Marlboro Raceway in 1968


Steve Burtis at Marlboro Raceway in 1968




Ted Roman in #15 Formula Vee. He also drove a Zeitler Super Vee.


Tom Davey driving car #3 in 1969


Tom Davey taking the win in car #3


In 1969 Tom Davey was invited to join the American Formula Vee Team and race on the world famous Nurburing in Germany.


The Nurburgring is a 14 mile long course that has more than 150,000 spectators. It is called the most challenging race course in the World.


Tom Davey at "the Ring"



Rick Mandelson, Elicott City, MD, victory lap in the Forty West Zeitler FV at Summit Point, WV September 5, 1970. Photo B.D. Dobbins.



Richard Boden - 1969 VIR Photo


Earl Garett at Summit Point.

Earl Garett owned this Zeitler in the 1970's. This is the car I would buy and restore in 2009.


Dennis Andrade in his Zeitler. He ran it in the Northern Pacific Region from 1975-1978.



Bob Russell in his winning Zeitler in 1969

Bob Russell taking the win at Thompson Raceway in 1969




This was John's support truck when he would go to the track. In 2012, this white Zeitler was for sale on EBAY.




It is believed this is John Zeitler's #21 car. It was owned by John Berres and stored for many years while he raced his other Zeitler FV.

Both cars were sold in 2013.


John Berres' other Zeitler. He drove this car in Vintage for many years in the Washington DC area.


Sheridan Fahnestock - Racing in 2009. Sheridan raced his Zeitler on both coasts. He sold this car many years ago, bought it back and

raced it for many more years.


In 2012 Sheridan sold his Zeitler to Walt Carrel - He named it Lizard and races with SOVERN







This Zeitler was modified so it could compete with modern Formula Vee's. It has a rear mono-shock suspension. Car was in Connecticut


This car was originally owned by Peter Pires then to Bob Russell. It has been owned by Tom Galuardi since 1973 and raced by Tom nore than 260 times!

The #44 and #96 car in this photo are both Zeitler FV's. The 96 car is owned by Bill Connery.

Zeitler #64 at Laguna Seca in 1977. Unknown owner.


Another Zeitler FV #19 that was setup for autocross. It was in Colorado in 2011.



Zeitler #66 owned and raced in 1978 by GPS Racing Team from New York


My Formula Vee when I finished restoring it. I sold it to Bob Browsky and he is rebuilding the car from the ground up.


Here are more past Zeitler Drivers and Owners. As I find Photos I will post them.

Dr. Lee Talbot

Glenn Sullivan

Rudy Bahnsen

Chuck Buysse

Steve Burtis

John Caffrey

Lynn Angelone

Holger Ahl

John Grubb

Rick Mandelson

Eric Traphagen

Rick Johnson

Jeremu Stackwitz

Dale Detrick

Peter Pires

Earl Garrett

Jennifer DeHart

Mike Noska

Drew Patterson

Richard Clark

Christopher Clark

Bill Connery

Bob Browsky


Zeitler's Driven in Hill Climbs

From Ron Mann, Historian for the Pennsylvania Hill Climb Association

This is a list of Zeitler FVs that ran our hills and I also have record of John Zeitler runing our hills.  Most likely, Giant's Despair (not Berwick) Hill Climb.

Many Thanks to Ron Mann for contacting me with this info!

1244 Levan, Ken Zeitler Yes Fleetwood, PA 135, 184, 1, 171 1975 - 1977 Formula Vee  
4519 Boyer, Jen (Dehart) Zeitler Yes Akron, PA 44 1996 Formula Vee  
1223 Boyer, Scott Zeitler Yes Blandon, PA 44, 144, 441 1984 - 1985, 1987 - 1988 1990 - 1991, 1996 Formula Vee  
1352 Fieni, Ron Zeitler Yes Douglassville, PA 84 1976 - 1977 Formula Vee  
3639 Keener, Douglas Zeitler No   44, 144 1984 - 1985 Formula Vee  
3662 Szurgot, Ron Zeitler No Reading/Kutztown, PA 22 1980 Formula Vee  
3875 Levan, Sandra Zeitler Yes Fleetwood, PA 177 1975 Formula Vee  
844 Dehart, Jennifer Zeitler Yes Akron, PA 44 1991, 2004 - 2005 Formula Vee  
1247 Weller, Bill Zeilter Yes Pottstown, PA 89 1975 - 1976 Formula Vee  

Photos of Zeitlers from the Pennsylvania Hill Climb Association Archives

Ken Levan


Jen DeHart at Giant's Despair Hillclimb in Pa.


Jen DeHart


Ron Fieni


Sanda Levan